I'm Jim Duzak, the "Attorney at Love", and I hope you'll enjoy spending some time on this site.

I've written a book called Mid-Life Divorce and the Rebirth of Commitment. I'm excited about the book and I think you will be, too.

Click on the book cover on this page, and you'll see the Table of Contents. Click on a Chapter Title and you can read a paragraph or two from each chapter. By the time you've read all of the excerpts I think you'll be eager to read the entire book.

You can purchase Mid-Life Divorce and the Rebirth of Commitment by clicking wherever you see "Buy Now" on this site, or by visiting your favorite bookstore. If it's not in stock, the bookstore can order it through Ingram Book Group.

You can also read more about me (why do they call me the "Attorney at Love", anyway?) and about the in-person services I offer. If you're a member of a book discussion club or reading group, I particularly urge you to take advantage of my offer to speak to your group "live" via phone on the night that you're discussing my book.

Please also check out my blog, which is devoted to issues involving mid-life marriage, mid-life divorce, and mid-life dating. I update the blog every week, so come back often and see what I have to say. I can't guarantee that you'll always agree with me, but I think you'll find my ideas thought-provoking and well worth your time.

If you have a topic you'd like me to address in the blog or a suggestion on how this site can better serve your needs and interests, just let me know by clicking on "Contact Jim".

Thanks again for stopping by. Enjoy your visit and come back soon.

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