SEE JIM ON TV! Jim was a guest recently on two popular morning programs in Phoenix, "Sonoran Living Live" (ABC 15) and the "Pat McMahon Show" (TV 7). The clips can be played directly on your screen by clicking the "play" buttons for each of the clips below.

Jim on Sonoran Living Live

Part 1 of Jim on the Pat McMahon Show

Part 2 of Jim on the Pat McMahon Show

I'm thrilled to say that the reaction to the book has been uniformly positive.  I want to thank everyone who has contacted me through the website with their comments and compliments, and I'm deeply grateful to those who took the trouble to post "five star" reader reviews which can be read on

I was particularly pleased to read a comment of one reader that the book seemed to speak to him directly.  That was actually my goal all along:  to write a book that was conversational in tone but which remained focused on the subject matter and on the reader, somewhat like an extended coaching session.

It was also gratifying to see people in happy marriages praise the book as useful.  I realize that the word "Divorce" in the title seems to imply that the book is mainly for those with one foot out the marital door, but that's not the case.  Much of it deals with how to make any marriage better.

My weekly blog pieces are attracting a wide readership. Quite a few of them have been reproduced on other relationship-oriented websites and newsletters, or have been quoted in newspaper articles.

Relationship Radio with Jim Duzak is no longer on Voice America, but you can listen to or download all of the shows here on this site. I expect that the show will be appearing again before long on a different station or network, so check back soon for updates.


Listen to Relationship Radio with Jim Duzak right here.

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