Divorce Mediation Training
Jim has served as a mediator for over twenty years, not only in divorce cases but in civil matters of every kind, from employment, real estate, and insurance coverage disputes, to motor vehicle “lemon law” claims and childhood lead-poisoning cases. He has been appointed or hired as mediator by the trial courts of Massachusetts and Arizona, by the American Arbitration Association, and by numerous private parties and their attorneys. Jim is committed not only to the mediation process but to excellence in mediation education and training. He is available as a lecturer or trainer to courts, mediation societies, universities, and law schools.

Workshops, Seminars, and Speaking Engagements
Jim is an entertaining speaker and facilitator, and regularly addresses groups and conducts workshops in the Tucson and Phoenix areas. He is also available to organizations throughout the United States and Canada as a keynote speaker,
lecturer or facilitator.

His topics include:
  • “Real-life Strategies for Improving your Marriage”
  • “Dare to be Different: the Unconventional Marriage”
  • “Marital Boot Camp for Men: Becoming a hero in your wife’s eyes”
  • “Affairs are not about Sex and Money Arguments are not about Money: Why things are not always as they seem”
  • “The Ten Commandments of Trial Separations”
  • “Divorce with Dignity: Why smart couples choose mediation”
  • “Moving On: the special challenges facing widows and widowers”
  • “Attitude is Everything: Conquering the fear of post-divorce dating”
  • “How to Thrive (not just survive) in the world of Online Dating”
Two or more topics can often be combined for longer programs or workshops, and other topics can be developed to address the needs of a particular group.

Reading Groups and Book Clubs
Jim’s book, Mid-Life Divorce and the Rebirth of Commitment (High Desert Press, 2007), is a fascinating and richly informative look at marriage, the divorce process, and the sobering realities of post-divorce dating.

Challenging but accessible, hard-hitting but humorous, the book is guaranteed to provoke lively discussion, and perhaps even heated debate, among readers.

Jim would be delighted and honored to speak “live” via speaker phone to any book group that is reading, or has recently read, his book.

Arrangements should, of course, be made as far in advance as possible.

Post-Divorce and Widowhood Coaching
If youíre struggling with post-divorce issues or with widowhood, Jim offers a cost-effective coaching program designed to help you build confidence, make peace with the past, and approach the rest of your life with optimism and energy. If your goals include returning to the dating world, Jim will provide personalized information and strategies that will help you make the most of online dating sites, matchmaking services, and in-person events.

Your personality, your story, and your issues are unique, so Jim does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Heíll get to know you as a person, and will focus on the areas that are most important for you and your future. Heíll help you set realistic goals, and will give you a step-by-step plan for achieving them. Most importantly, heíll be there for you when the going gets tough, offering advice, support, and encouragement.

Because of the intense nature of every coaching program, and the complex and often-difficult issues involved, a minimum commitment of three months is needed. During that time, Jim will speak with you frequently on the phone (at least twice a week), or meet with you in person if you live in Southern Arizona. He will also regularly e-mail you with individualized suggestions and advice, and of course will promptly answer your calls and e-mails. The fee is $999 for the initial three months, and $199 for each month beyond that.

(Please note that this is a coaching service, and is not psychological or financial counseling. Where appropriate, Jim will refer a coaching client to a therapist, physician, or financial advisor, but he cannot provide such services himself. In addition, although Jim is a licensed attorney in Massachusetts, he is not offering or providing legal services of any sort in connection with the coaching service).

Legal Disclaimer
Although Jim Duzak is a licensed attorney (in Massachusetts only), neither his book nor any of the services described on this website are intended to constitute legal advice or legal services.

If you have a legal question or problem, or if you are involved in litigation, you are urged to consult an attorney licensed to practice in your state or in the state having jurisdiction over the litigation.

Jim’s ideas, opinions, strategies, and suggestions concerning marital and post-marital communications and conduct are of a general nature, and may not be appropriate for everyone. In particular, those whose marital or dating relationships are characterized by domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse or addictions, and/or mental illness should seek help from qualified mental health professionals or law-enforcement officials before trying to implement any of Jim’s strategies or suggestions.

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